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Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time
Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time


A Wilmington, North Carolina Family Law Firm That Emphasizes Finding Solutions

Place your trust in a divorce attorney with decades of experience

Family law matters can be daunting. Divorce, custody, child support, separation, adoption and domestic violence are all issues that require sound legal representation. When you work with Hager Divorce & Family Law, we take the time to understand your particular needs and goals and explain all of your options, so you can steer your own course through the often puzzling territory of family legal issues as we deliver reliable legal guidance every step of the way.

A lawyer who is well known for developing positive solutions

Divorce and separation don’t have to be an end — they can be a new beginning. We put you in control by giving you tools and resources to find options that work for you and your family. We present all of your alternatives clearly to help you make informed decisions about crucial issues like child support, alimony and the division of property.

Collaborative divorce in North Carolina helps you avoid courtroom hassles

When you work with a reputable mediation and collaborative divorce attorney in Wilmington, you get access to a professional with broad experience in finding amicable agreements during marriage dissolution. Virginia Hager is a founding member of Coastal Collaborative Colleagues, offering an out-of-court alternative to traditional attorney-driven litigation and negotiation.

A skilled family law attorney make children’s issues a priority

The family court system can be confusing and intimidating. Count on us to help you understand your rights, your options and the family court standards, so that we can work together to structure the strongest case possible. Our family law firm in North Carolina has a proven track record of successful child support, custody, interstate custody, visitation and adoption case results. This demonstrates our mission to put you in control of your life.

Receive exceptional guidance with nontraditional family issues

Nontraditional family legal issues involve sensitive matters such as parenting issues, custody, visitation, third-party visitation, paternity and grandparents’ rights. We can help you navigate these issues once you choose a course from the many options we provide to you.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from domestic violence

You are entitled to legal protection from many forms of abuse in the state of North Carolina. A domestic violence protective order can help keep you safe from your abuser. Our firm has represented victims of domestic violence in Wilmington, NC for nearly two decades. We help you determine your eligibility for a protective order and guide you through the process, while also considering the financial, physical and emotional needs of you and your children.

Contact our firm for answers to difficult family law questions

If you need a strong legal hand to help you with family law matters, work with Hager Divorce & Family Law. Our office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We serve individuals and families throughout Wilmington and southeastern North Carolina. Call us today at (910) 726-3607 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation for which we charge $250.00.


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