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Helping you make positive life changes,
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Nontraditional Families Have Rights and Require Strong Legal Guidance

Common legal issues for nontraditional families

Custody laws for parents, nonparents, stepparents, grandparents and same-sex parents are complex, but typically favor biological parents. In the case of same-sex parents, current laws recognize only one parent as having rights or a legal obligation to pay child support. When considering what counsel to retain for representation with nontraditional family legal issues, select an attorney who has experience in the following types of cases:

  • Custody actions involving parental misconduct. If a parent has been abusive or acted irresponsibly, perhaps due to alcoholism or drug abuse, we can help you achieve a custody arrangement that keeps your children protected now and into the future.
  • Disputes between parents and nonparents. In some cases, individuals who are not the biological parents of a child may seek custody, particularly if they were in a relationship with the birth parent and the relationship has ended.
  • Visitation or custodial rights of grandparents. If one or both parents can’t care for the children because they are unfit in some way, we can help you seek custody as a grandparent.
  • Stepparents acting in loco parentis. Stepparents who have played a major role in raising children may wish to seek full or partial custody in the case of a divorce.

Marital and Other Relationship Contracts: The Negotiation and Drafting of  Separation Agreements and Other Family Contracts Requires Experienced, Knowledgeable Counsel

Count on us to draft a clear, comprehensive separation agreement tailored to your unique circumstances

At Hager Divorce & Family Law, our lawyers have  considerable experience in negotiating and drafting separation and property settlement agreements for your divorce. We don’t just fill in a few blanks on a cookie-cutter agreement, but ensure that your particular situation is fully addressed.

Other considerations when seeking rights for nontraditional families

Some of the many matters in which we have been successful in working with in nontraditional family legal situations are:

  • Parenting agreements
  • Consent custody orders
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Separation Agreements
  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Domestic partnership agreements
  • Estate and health care issues

Work with the North Carolina family law firm with considerable experience and knowledge in this complex and sensitive area of law. In addition to practicing in this area, our team has volunteered with organizations that advocate for the rights of people in nontraditional family situations.

Speak with our experienced North Carolina legal team immediately

To learn more about your options when dealing with these issues, call Hager Divorce & Family Law at  (910) 726-3607 or contact us online. We serve clients throughout Wilmington and southeastern North Carolina, including New Hanover and Pender counties. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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