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Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time
Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time



Virginia and her team helped me to get full custody of my children recently. She was recommended to me and I will pass on that recommendation to anyone. What I appreciated about Virginia was that she is sharp, efficient, direct, but she also has a confidence which is calming and sincere. Her office is responsive to questions, clear in their answers, and friendly to work with. I felt that Virginia had my back – that’s critically important to a client dealing with child support and custody.

Hi my name is Roy I live in Florida about two months ago I was ordered to pay thousands of dollars monthly for a child that was not mine and I needed the divorce as well I had to hire an attorney in North Carolina to represent me fortunately for me I found Virginia Hager Ms. Hager and her team and staff in short order assessed my problem resolved my issue and now I’m divorced and I can keep my money monthly for a child that wasn’t mine if anybody ever need a child support attorney or a divorce attorney my vote is Virginia Hager thank you Miss Hager for all you have done and how quickly you resolve my issues .

The Long Haul!

I have been dealing with ex-wife, mother of my children issues for over 5 years now. Virginia has been there every step of the way guiding me through the legal system. With her years of experience in family law and knowledge of the local Judges, Counselors, Therapist and court proceedings she provides to be the best partner to walk beside me in the court.

My family not only recommends Virginia Hager as your attorney for family law, but we thank her for the many years of services and dedication. – R. M.

Awesome Attorney

Excellent attorney. She resolved my issue without my ever entering her office. Very low fee compared to my previous attorney. Opposing attorney was rated a ( Super lawyer ) !!!

Great Job!!

I used Ms. Hagar in January of 2015 for a very complicated child support case. She was very thorough in gathering all information needed. She kept me informed on all details leading up to my court date. Virginia made sure that I had realistic expectations of the outcome . She came to court more than prepared . Because of her hard work on my case the outcome was more than fair on my behalf and I would not hesitate to use her again.

I can’t say enough about this law firm. Thank you for all you do.Attorney Virginia Hager and her staff are very professional as well as caring. They explained the legal process step by step and made me feel comfortable during my divorce process. They kept me informed and were available for any questions I had.They worked diligently to resolve any issues that arose regarding my case.Thank you.I strongly recommend this law firm to anyone needing divorce and family law services. – E.O.

I was in a destructive marriage for 13 years. I stuck it out mainly because I had children and was always afraid of losing them. Fathers don’t typically get custody of the children; especially in a home with step-children where the judge doesn’t want to break the children up. From everything I have read and heard it would be very difficult for me to win custody of my two boys.After eight long months of battling my ex in every way possible. I was awarded Full Physical & Legal Custody of my two boys. Virginia, Elliot and Lorie were extremely professional at all times. Even when dealing with my constant calls, texts, emails and anxiety. I would strongly recommend this law firm. And if you are a Father looking to get custody of your children. Look no further than Hager & Associates. It was worth every penny and both myself and my two boys are grateful for their hard work and determination! – S.S.

Professional and Personal

When I came to Virginia, I was so hopeless. I felt that because during my marriage I did not work, I would not be entitled to anything. But not only did Virginia get me the settlement I deserved in my divorce, she also made me feel very comfortable and I trusted her and her staff with everything. Having done my divorce thru the Collaborative system made it much more comfortable for both me and my son.Just knowing that she truly cared about me and not just having “another” case, was more than what I could ever asked for. Virginia Hager and her staff definitely went above and beyond my expectations!- J.


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