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Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time
Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time


Unbundled Legal Services – You can do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it  alone!!

Hager Divorce & Family Law is pleased to offer unbundled legal services to those who need certain legal service but are not looking for comprehensive representation. Also called limited-scope or discrete task representation, Hager Divorce & Family Law can help you by preparing legal documents and filings based on your individual situation for a flat fee. At your consultation, we can answer any questions you may have about whether unbundled services are right for your situation. Call us today!

Absolute Divorce based on one year’s separation with no other issues – $400 includes consultation and all paperwork including Judgment of Divorce for client to take to court. Client is responsible for the Clerk of Court’s filing fees ($225 – or $235 with name change) and Sheriff’s service fee if applicable  ($30 for serving papers within NC).

Legal Complaint (lawsuit) – 0 per claim

Answer (legal response to lawsuit) – 0 plus 0 per counterclaim

Motion  $150 to $250 depending on length and complexity, including a proposed court order

Deeds (quitclaim, warranty, special warranty) – $75 (does not include title search)

Please call us if you need coaching to represent yourself in court. We can help you prepare!!


We serve individuals and families throughout Wilmington and southeastern North Carolina. Call us today at (910) 726-3607 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation for which we charge 0.00.


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