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Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time
Helping you make positive life changes,
one step at a time


An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Wilmington, North Carolina Helps You Avoid Costly Mistakes from Hasty Decisions

Know your basic rights, requirements, and options for divorce: call on professionals who work to protect you

There are many things to consider when separating from or ending a marriage, and it is imperative that you first discuss your circumstances with a dependable divorce attorney in Wilmington. At Hager Divorce & Family Law, we know what it takes to help you through the divorce process, including navigating you through the difficult issues of child custody, alimony and property division. Our goal is to empower you to make decisions that bring positive change to your life. Divorce is not always a bad thing, so if you need to embark on a dissolution of your marriage, speak with a member of our team.

Assisting you through all types of divorces

Absolute Divorce is available in North Carolina  after one year’s physical separation. In the meantime, our attorneys are available to help you resolve disputes related to your divorce, including the following:

  • Child custody. The future of your children is of utmost importance and you need to ensure that your children grow up in a stable and nurturing environment. We help you establish a custody arrangement that’s beneficial to your children but also fair to you.
  • Child support. If you are awarded sole or primary custody, you are also likely eligible to receive child support payments from your ex-spouse. If you are obligated to pay child support, we will ensure that the amount you must pay is fair and reasonable.
  • Alimony. A divorce should not mean that you have to go through significant financial struggles. We represent dependent spouses in need of spousal support in order to continue to live comfortably, as well as supporting spouses who want to avoid paying alimony or pay only what’s absolutely necessary.
  • Property division. The process of dividing marital property and debt, known as “equitable distribution,” can be complicated, especially if a couple was married for a long time. Experienced divorce lawyers in Wilmington, NC will guide you through this process.

Securing a beneficial settlement is critical for you and your family

A carefully drafted separation agreement by a qualified attorney is vital to the security and protection of your whole family. The separation and subsequent divorce process can be far more peaceable when parties reach agreement on important issues with the assistance of a qualified professional.  Work with us to find a resolution to your divorce that leaves you in a positive position for the future.

Contact a trusted Wilmington divorce attorney today

To speak with a family lawyer you can rely on to achieve your goals during a divorce, call Hager Divorce & Family Law at (910) 726-3607 or contact us online. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We serve individuals and families throughout Wilmington and southeastern North Carolina. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation for which we charge $250.00.


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